The Way of Vastu E-book



Another exquisitely illustrated, multi-award winning How-To book instructs, informs, and enlightens readers to bring success, happiness, and fulfillment into a any home or work environment.

The Way of Vastu is a powerful guide to attract balance and abundance. This exquiste offering includes a weath of practical suggestions for bringing harmony into your home, your office and your life.

Considered more powerful than Feng Shui, Vastu harnesses nature’s beneficial energies, correcting imbalances that block the flow of abundance. When you live and work in environments properly alighted with the forces of nature, the entire universe comes rushing to your aid.

The Way of Vastu contains:

  • Lavishly designed with four-color illustrations
  • Full glossary
  • Extensive reference appendices and index

Learn the ancient vedic tools and techniques of manifestation…

  • How the shape of your building or property affects success
  • The powerful influence of the cardinal directions and the planets
  • Mantras and yantras: Sacred codes to awaken prosperity
  • Correcting Geopathic Stress (earth radiation) in your home or office
  • Using altars and ceremonies to generate abundance
  • Easy-to-do interior design tips to create balance and harmony

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