Vastu Consultation with Instructions and Products



Vastu Shastra benefits your ongoing success and prosperity, bringing you the harmony, peace, and fulfillment that is essential to a well-lived life through your Written Vastu Consultation.

We offer you the benefits of Vastu through our online Vastu Consultation services no matter where you live. We give practical recommendations and adjustments that bring about the positive changes you require for improvement in all areas of your life.

The advice and corrections made through your Written Online Consultation will reduce the environmental stress so you experience

  • clearer communication in your relationships
  • success in your endeavors
  • peace-of-mind and well-being at home or at work

These benefits are just a few of the results our clients share with us after implementing our recommendations.

 The energy in our place was already pretty good, but in a subtle way, we do feel more productive when we are home now. it felt like we were building a nest. That was the most obvious energy change we could feel.
Suzanne V- Munich Germany

Your online, analysis details specific findings and offers a comprehensive action plan to bring your home or workplace environment into proper Vastu alignment. The report you receive identifies the specific areas of imbalance that are causing disruption within your home or workspace and practical recommendations to remove any and all obstructions through recommended products that are sent to you via USPS.

The Online Vastu Consultation includes the following:

  •  all products needed for your specific corrections sent via USPS
  •  written instructions for placement of products
  •  a video to assist in the placement of products

Order now and receive the same personalized service as our on-site consultations at incredible savings. Products used to make the recommended adjustments needed for your home or workspace are included in the price of the Online Vastu Consultation. This price is for online analysis/consultations only. They are not applicable to on-site consultations.

The Online Vastu Consultation is an ideal solution during the Covid-19 Pandemic and also for locations not on our tour schedule. Vastu Creations works with you utilizing the same time-proven, solution-oriented services, and tools used in on-site consultations.


Many of our Vastu clients have requested personal time with Michael to ask questions about their reading. You can now add this option to any of your emailed readings for an additional $100. Contact Michael directly via email at to set up a time that works for you.

Within a day of placing the yantras, i felt an improved sense of physical well being – minor pains and aches disappeared and i felt a sense of calm, relaxed and energetic. There are improvements in my work place as well.
Mallik J – Mars PA