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Vastu Shastra benefits your ongoing success and prosperity, bringing you the harmony, peace and fulfillment that is essential to a well-lived life. Vastu Creations brings our clients worldwide the benefits of Vastu through our online Vastu Consultation services.

We offer practical recommendations and adjustments that bring about the positive changes you require for improvement in all areas of your life. The corrections made will reduce the environmental stress so you experience clearer communication in your relationships, success in your endeavors, as well as peace-of-mind and well-being at home or at work. These benefits are just a few of the results our clients share with us after implementing our recommendations. Your in-depth, video Vastu consultation brings the benefits of Vastu to any home or workplace setting.

This video meeting offers specific findings and a comprehensive action plan to bring your home or workplace environment into proper Vastu alignment. Your video appointment will identify the specific areas of imbalance that are causing disruption within your home or workspace and the application of practical recommendations to remove any and all obstructions through the products that have been sent before the meeting via USPS.

During your online Zoom or FaceTime appointment with Michael,  you will move throughout your home and he will assist you to properly place the devices sent to you in the mail. He will make recommendations about placement of specific items, colors, use of mirrors, scents, mantras, artwork, etc. Michael will then perform the Vastu Puja Ceremony for you that will activate the energetic devices you’ve properly placed. He will do the Vedic Blessing Ceremony for you and your family.

This offering is NEW and is as intimate and transformative as an on-site Vastu consultation with him. We hope you find it useful and supportive during these stressful times. The Vastu House Call includes all products needed for your specific corrections sent via USPS Place your order now. When you book appointment allow 10 days from your order date for your package to reach you. Products used to make the recommended adjustments needed for your home or workspace are included in the price of the Online Vastu Consultation.

The Vastu House Call is an ideal solutions during this Covid-19 Pandemic. For more information, please contact Michael directly at 206-661-1117 or