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Vastu transforms your surroundings, bringing a you sense of ease and reducing the impact of environmental stress that compromises the health, productivity and well-being you, your family and/or business experience.

Vastu Creations offers personalized online and onsite Vastu services ranging from relocation support, site selection, architectural Vastu design of homes and offices, and rectification or remodeling of existing homes and workspaces. We also offer in-depth astrological consultations –from business and relationship compatibility to lifetime readings.

It is our mission to bring you professional services that reduce stress, bringing you more productivity and success.

We look forward to working with you.

Onsite Vastu
Online Vastu

Onsite Vastu

Vastu Creations brings you practical solutions to assess and eliminate environmental imbalances without stressful remodeling. With over 40 years of experience applying the principles of Vastu to homes and businesses worldwide, we bring the benefits of better health, enhanced relationships, improved productivity and success to individuals, small and large businesses, corporations and institutions worldwide.

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Online Vastu

Vastu Shastra benefits your ongoing success and prosperity, bringing you the harmony, peace and fulfillment that is essential to a well-lived life.

Vastu Creations brings our clients worldwide the benefits of Vastu through our online Vastu Consultation services. We offer practical recommendations and adjustments that bring about the positive changes you require for improvement in all areas of life. The corrections made will reduce the environmental stress so you experience clearer communication in your relationships, success in your endeavors, as well as peace of mind and well-being at home or at work. These are just a few of the results our clients share with us after implementing our recommendations. Your in-depth, personalized analysis brings he benefits of Vastu to any home or workplace setting.

The online analysis you receive from Vastu Creations details specific findings and offers a comprehensive action plan to bring your home or workplace environment into proper Vastu alignment. Once all information is complied and assessed, you will receive a customized analysis identifying the specific areas of imbalance that are causing disruption within your home or workspace and practical recommendations to remove any and all obstructions. Order now and receive the same personalized service as our on-site consultations at an incredible savings!

Products used to make the recommended adjustments needed are included in the price below. These prices are for online analysis/consultations only. They are not applicable to on-site consultations.

To schedule an on-site consultation for your home or office, please contact Michael directly at 206-661-1117

The analysis pricing below is for online only. 

For onsite appointment for home and/or office, please contact Michael directly at 206-661-1117.

In the areas not on our tour schedule, Vastu Creations works with you utilizing the same time-proven, solution-oriented services and tools that identify and eliminate the environmental stress which blocks your productivity and success.

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Relocation Services

Choosing the right home or office can be stressful. When selecting a home or workspace, there can be challenges within the physical environmental that can be pivotal to the success of your family or business and your personal health. In today’s world, your productivity and lasting peace of mind are key for you to continue to thrive. Let Vastu Creations help you to:

  • select the most favorable site for your home or office,
  • assist you in choosing the perfect pre-existing home or office
  • choose the best architectural plan in a new housing development or office building/park so you, your family or company prosper.
Please contact Michael at 206-661-1117 for more information and assist you on your way to the best future possible.


Transformational Jyotish Astrology reveals difficult planetary periods and challenges that everyone experiences from time to time. Vastu Creations offers time-proven tools and techniques to alleviate stress during those times of transition, as well as brings you deeper understanding of the greater intelligence that influences your daily life. Jyotish astrology presents you with helpful suggestions to work with these natural forces in a more harmonious way that supports your personal growth and reduces any suffering.

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Become a Student of Transformative Vedic Astrology

In Sanskrit, the language of Vedic knowledge, “jyoti” means light. Transformative Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) brings us the light of knowledge to dispel the darkness of suffering. This form of astrology is unlike any other astrological system that is available today. It is unparalleled in its depth, accuracy, relevance and its ability to provide spiritual awakening.

If you are interested in studying Transformational Vedic Astrology with Michael, please click here to learn more.



Whether you are beginning the design process or are already working with an architect or designer, a consultation with Vastu Creations will bring you the added benefits of Vastu to support the success of your endeavor, large or small. We offer:

  • Individualized schematic building and environmental (green) design based on our clients’ astrological influences
  • Interaction with your local architect to create construction drawings
  • Advice on environmentally friendly building materials
  • Suggestions about interior design, including colors and furniture placement
  • Recommendations for landscape design and plantings that are aesthetically pleasing, energetically balanced and sustainable
  • Assessment and placement of altars to enhance the environment and create intentional Sacred Space

Please contact Michael at 206-661-1117 for more information.

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Many of our clients have remodeled homes and offices in the past which led to sometimes serious challenges that impacted them physically, mentally, and many times, emotionally. By taking Vastu into consideration in the remodeling process, you avoid the consequences caused by environmental stress and the ensuing financial, health, career and relationship issues that are a by-product. Vastu Creations utilizes practical tools and techniques to support you in creating a peaceful, healthy and harmonious home and/or office environment that will attract the support of Nature in your life.

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