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Mantra Pendant for Relationships


Deep in your heart there is a longing. Its name is love. Something has awakened inside you, and you are ready to call in a deep, abiding love. You are worthy of love. This wearable pendant contains the specific Sanskrit blessing and corresponding yantra to support the attraction of your ideal mate, strengthen the bonds of all your relationships and widely expand the space that loves takes up in your life! 

To call forth love, choose this pendant now.

I was surprised how quickly my mantra pendant arrived. Its intricate design is really beautiful and wearing it has surprisingly brought me an expanded sense of peace and protection that wasn’t there before. I am so grateful for the support and find this a great addition to your other products and services.
– Karen C, Seattle WA

Mantra Pendant for Prosperity

Abundance is your birthright.
You were born to live in both material and spiritual comfort. Wealth, good health, opportunity, luck, all of these are forms of prosperity that have already been Divinely ordained for you. But sometimes, life blocks the flow of abundance. You’ll know this is happening if growth is slow, if your financial situation is causing you stress, or if you feel that you are on a feast or famine rollercoaster. This wearable pendant contains the specific Sanskrit blessing and yantra to attract endless opportunities to live an abundant life!

You are worthy of being prosperous. To call forth prosperity, choose this pendant now. 

Mantra Pendant for Success in Business & Career

You were born to carry out a Divine purpose. Your work is the tangible expression of this purpose and the way in which you act as a bridge between worlds. But sometimes the path is cloudy. The steps are unclear. The work feels heavy. If this is happening, it is often a sign that you have taken a turn AWAY from the work you were actually born to do. As you come into alignment with the correct path in your career, the light comes on. The path clears. The tasks before you are obvious, simple and a natural extension of who you are! This wearable pendant contains the specific Sanskrit blessing to support your success in business and career. You are worthy of success.

To call forth alignment and success, choose this pendant now.

I loved my Mantra Pendant so much that I got one for my brother for his birthday. He’s been having trouble finding work and within a short time, he got a great job.
–Sue W, Austin, TX

Mantra Pendant for Health and Wellbeing

The human body is designed to thrive! Most people walk through life with no idea how amazing their bodies are designed to feel. Instead, we feel pain. We feel stress. We recognize the slow decline of our physical beings with every passing year. It doesn’t have to be this way. You are meant to feel strong and vital and at peace! When you evoke the healing properties of this wearable pendant, which contains the specific Sanskrit blessing to reduce stress and to support your natural healing processes, you will find yourself energized and embodying a youthful glow from the inside out.

Good health is your birthright. To call forth optimal health and well-being,
choose this pendant now.

Mantra Pendant for Protection

Have you ever felt like everything is going wrong? You take one step forward and ten back? Or perhaps everything seems to break down all at once? Or maybe you find yourself in a streak of bad luck, dropping things, forgetting appointments, and falling victim to accidents big and small. You’re not imagining things. When this happens it’s possible that negative influences have creeped into your energy field and much like you would take medicine to rid yourself of a virus, you need a way to protect yourself. This wearable pendant contains the specific Sanskrit blessing to support your desire for protection from negative influences and accidents.

To choose protection from negative energy and intrusive influences,
choose this pendant now.
The Ultimate Blessing Mantra Pendant

There are times you feel the need to infuse your entire life with new power, energy, and purpose! This wearable pendant contains a combination of ALL of the sacred mantras and yantras contained in ALL of the other Mantra Pendants. Sometimes you need a reset. An exhale. A blessing. This pendant is infused with the Mantras for Love, Prosperity, Success, Health and Protection.

You are worthy of miracles. Choose this pendant now.