We created two altars, an Abundance Altar and a Relationship Altar. Both added to the beauty of the rooms in which they were placed, but the best of all was they worked! Within a matter of days, I had a great new business referral that brought in more income than I expected and my social life improved dramatically. Using the techniques of Vastu Shastra, you can definitely create a greater sense of well-being in your life.

Molly M, graphic designer, Kirkland, WA

I want to relate to you what happened recently when I took your advice to create an Abundance Altar. I decided that mine would have two themes: a wonderful relationship with a woman and to grow my business. After doing what you had recommended, I started getting results immediately! Although I tend to be skeptical about these sorts of things, I have to say that with evidence like this, you may have something here! I look forward to more intriguing and fulfilling results.

Dan K, professional personal coach, Seattle, WA


After your wonderful altar class on Saturday, all I could think about was your graciousness and generosity in presenting so much intricate and interesting material. It was lively and inspired me to create two lovely altars the following day. I am looking forward to seeing what happens!

Joyce B, artist, Phoenix, AZ

Office Design
I put together one of the altars you recommended and I’m scratching my head in wonder at the amazing things that have happened. Thank you for sharing this valuable information and I wish you the very best of luck!

Barbara W, accountant, Olympia, WA


Robin and Michael Mastro advised me on orienting my office and my home for optimum energetic alignment. I found increased balance, harmony, connectedness and positive resonance from the adjustments they made. I am grateful for their loving support and unusual talent.

Peter S., former CEO of advertising agency group, Los Angeles, CA

I had a listing that should have sold months before. Cosmetically, it was very desirable and in a good location. The price had been reduced twice and still, no offers. I called in The Mastro’s for a consultation and within two weeks, the house sold at the full asking price. Their perspective not only made sense, it worked!

Steve C., realtor, Seattle, WA

Robin and Michael Mastro eliminated the geopathic stress present in our property and home. It was an amazing experience. Afterwards, I was finally were able to get a good night’s sleep which had been difficult since we moved in. Our friends noticed a difference in how the house felt right away. They described they energy in the house as very peaceful. We both highly recommend their services. You’ll be amazed at the difference in how you feel once your environment has been balanced!

Brenda M. and Rob S., radio talk show hosts, Seattle, WA

Payal GuptaTiwana Payal Tiwana | Principal Manager, Solution Mgt | Global Marketing Operations Microsoft Bellevue WA

Business Remodel

I asked Michael and Robin Mastro to assist me with the selection and the remodel of a preexisting structure for my restaurant. The results were dramatic and customers always comment not only on how delicious the food is, but how attractive and welcoming the bistro feels. Within months of working with Vastu Creations, my restaurant has been recognized as one of the most successful in the greater Seattle area!

My Linh T, restaurant owner, Kirkland, WA

New Construction

Michael helped my husband and me with the proper layout of our new home. We are very satisfied with his help and the results. His knowledge in the field of Vastu Shastra is so impressive that other family members have worked with him, as well.

Sarita K, customer relations specialist, Seattle, WA

Professional Training

After seeing dramatic results in my personal life as a result of the Mastro’s home consultation, I wanted the skills and knowledge to apply these principles in every aspect of my life. I feel I now have a blueprint, a compass, to accomplish specific results that are reliable and impressive. I am truly grateful.

Camille S., filmmaker, Hollywood, CA

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