Greetings Dearest One!
Here are your gifts. These gifts work together to support positive change in your life through the power of ancient wisdom.
You will find below the written form of the Lakshmi Mantra, an mp4 audio recording of the mantra, plus a downloadable image of the Sri Lakshmi Yantra. The mantra is in the language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is one of the original, ancient root languages. It is the only known language where sound and form hold the same potent energy. In this case, that energy is the manifestation of abundance, prosperity and success. Oftentimes, mantras are the sound, or vibrational frequency, of a yantra, its visual component.

You will also find the visual design of this most powerful symbol, the sacred Sri Lakshmi Yantra. This geometrically designed yantra is infused with energy to improve your abundance in all forms, and holds within its design the energy to attract more success and prosperity into your life. 

We suggest you print the yantra and cut it out from the sheet of paper you print it on. Place the yantra either under your pillow or directly under the mattress close to where you place your head at night to ensure it stays in place. You can also print out other copies to carry with you in your wallet or purse, to attach to your computer, or place on your altar. Some people even laminate the yantras for added durability. The influence this yantra will have on your life can be quite remarkable.

Additionally, we’ve added a link so you can hear the audio of the mantra. It will help you to become familiar with the pronunciation of the words. Pronunciation is key to experiencing the profound influence this ancient chant will have on your mind, body and emotions.

And finally, just for you, at the bottom of this email is another Special Offering from Michael and Robin.

Here are the written words for chanting the Sri Lakshmi Mantra along with the audio recording of it. Say or chant this mantra daily, first thing in the morning and/or at night before bed, to bring more prosperity into your life.

The Mantra:


Phonetic pronunciation of the mantra:

Om Sh-rim Klim Lak-sh-me Na-rhy-ya-na Ab-e-yam Na-ma-ha

We suggest chanting this mantra in increments of 9. It can also be chanted 108 times per day using a mala bead necklace to receive the blessings of Lakshmi.
Audio recording of the mantra:
Please click here to listen to the mantra. 
Note: The recording can be accessed more quickly on your computer. To play the mantra on mobile devices, please download the audio file first. 
Below is the yantra associated with the mantra: 
This beautiful, geometrically designed Sri Lakshmi Yantra is the Vedic symbol of prosperity and abundance in all its manifestations. Please copy and print this yantra following the instructions mentioned above.


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