The American Institute of Vastu & Astrology

Knowledge is one of the keys to enlightenment. Learn transformative, ancient tools and techniques adapted for modern times. Expand your knowledge to deepen your service to others through Vedic science. Alleviate the suffering of others through the application of Vastu Shastra, the architectural science that optimizes health, wellbeing, and productivity.

Michael and Robin have been teachers of Vedic knowledge for decades. They realized that even with all the benefits that yoga and meditation bring, they found their students and friends still suffered from stress created by daily concerns and challenges at work and home about health, relationships, career, abundance, and more. 

To contribute more deeply to the wellbeing of others and through their unique expertise as scholars and practitioners of sacred texts, they developed a methodology that enhances how people function in their daily lives. Over time, they developed the technology using the ancient knowledge of the East, taken from sacred texts that have been used in India for thousands of years, the knowledge that was selectively shared with royalty and the wealthy.

Through their years of research and continued implementation, they have created products, services, and courses of study to share this knowledge with others. You, too, can learn the wisdom of the sacred science of Vastu Shastra from two of the top experts in the field in the world. Learn how to align homes and work environments with the forces of nature through the Mastros and the American Institute of Vastu.

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