Transformational Vedic Medical Astrology & Certification Course

Transformational Vedic Medical
Astrology Course





This pivotal, stand alone course contains powerful information to enhance your work and offer valuable 

information to your clients, friends and family. The course is self-paced via video and written material, with weekly optional live case studies and Q&A.


You will receive certification upon completion of the course (which includes required lessons and submitting all assignments) as a Vedic Medical Astrologer through the American Institute of Vastu & Astrology. The course is recommended for nutritional coaches, Ayurvedic practitioners, health coaches, life coaches, as well as anyone interested in being informed and empowered about health and healing.


The Transformational Vedic Medical Astrology Course provides you with:



  • Remedies to protect and support healing, including remedies for addictions, autoimmune disease, life-threatening illness and more
  • Protocols and lifestyle tips for chronic disease and karmic challenges
  • Auspicious times for conception, including supportive remedies and tips
  • Determining favorable timing for surgeries and beginning medical protocols
  • Duration of healing and recovery time from illness or disease
  • Indicators when to be cautious about accidents and illness, and when to be more attentive to proper rest and diet
  • and so much more..

The course is interactive and includes weekly live Zoom sessions with chart readings, case studies, and Q&A.

 Become a trusted resource when others are dealing with health and medical challenges.


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Transformational Vedic Medical Astrology Course 

Table of Course Content (Lessons via video and pdfs)

1. Introduction Elements and Terms

2. House Health Significations

3. Planet Health Significations

4. Sign Health Significations

5. Prime Determinants and Stressors (afflictors) for Health

6. Stress Factors affecting Health, Finances, Children, Relationships, and Jobs

7. Weak Organs & Organ Systems (Srotas)

8. Factors that Disturb the Body

9. a. Doshas Signs Planets 

    b. Chakras

10. Steps to Analyze Health Issues 

11. Disease Timing, Intensity & Healing Process

12. Timing to Start Medication and Surgery

13. Mental Issues

14. Autoimmune Issues

15. Cancers

16. Cardiovascular Issues

17. Musculoskeletal

18. Prakriti, Vikriti & Dosha Imbalance – VASTU AYURVEDA JYOTISH

19. Remedies – Case Studies using Remedies

a. kavach

b. gems

c. mantras

e. yantras

f. herbs

g. aromas

h. colors

i. Vastu

j. Health Altar

20. a – Taking Client’s History and Disclaimer

20. b – Summary and Steps to Certification 

BONUS!!! Conception: Timing, Remedies, and Tips





1. Operate with high level of integrity and impeccability in your life.

2. Engaged in a spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, or Vedic breathing, etc.
3. Accept the TVMA Agreement 
TVMA Agreement: I understand that any benefit derived from this course depends upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and to participate fully. 
I understand the importance of preserving the purity of this knowledge and therefore, I agree that I will not duplicate or copy the content of this training except for my personal use. I understand that until I am certified, I can use the wisdom learned within TVMA to support myself, friends, and family without charging a fee. 
Once certified by The American Institute of Vastu and Astrology through the successful completion of the TVMA Certification Course and required assignments, I can then charge for consulting as a business and/or service.

Requirements: TVMA will be offered via web-based learning. In order to participate in the course, you will need the following: