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LEVEL 17 Reasons to Study Transformative Vedic Astrology – Practical Remedies for Success
For those who want to bring insight and support to others in a practical, holistic manner that is aligned with the Vedic sciences, Transformative Vedic Astrology is for you. Level I Transformational Vedic Astrology is a comprehensive, introductory course that explores the Vedic science of Jyotish, the sister science of Ayurveda and Vastu Shastra. This system is more accurate than other systems of Vedic Astrology that you may know. Level l Transformational Vedic Astrology presents you with tools, techniques and specific remedies that illuminates the soul, bringing insight and support to the challenges we all experience in life. You will learn valuable information that will empower you, your family, friends and clients.
Level l Transformational Vedic Astrology includes 20 lessons consisting of written material in PDF format, homework and lesson videos so that you will become a confident astrologer who can help people to help themselves. Level l Transformational Vedic Astrology is offered online and can be taken at your own pace. As part of this course, it is highly suggested that you engage in the weekly live conference calls with Michael Mastro. These live classes are extremely beneficial and offer extra support as well as practical hands-on learning. If you miss a session, the weekly calls are recorded and can be listened to at any time.
Atul B.
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Michael is an outstanding Transformative Vedic Astrologer. With his generous, humble and strong spiritual nature, he provides insightful and accurate readings to remove our fears and doubts. He tells everything about our life map, what is happening now, what is next and what kind of remedies are required to ensure that we enjoy our life journey. During the transformative vedic astrology course conference calls, he always answers questions to best of his knowledge, encourages everyone to participate, shares his deep knowledge and wisdom without any hesitation. I would like to thank Michael for teaching me transformative vedic astrology and also request him to continue to offer his selfless service to the entire mankind.
Alan S.
Morgan Hill, CA
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What a great course! There was so much to learn, but it was delivered in such an easy way. I loved the videos and the exercises. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Alicia C.
Edison, NJ
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I have always wanted to learn astrology and I am so glad that I chose Transformative Vedic Astrology with Michael as he made it so understandable and easy to learn. The way the course is set out with the videos and PDF’s, exercises, and answers makes it a very full course. I particularly like the way that I can repeat it over and over to get more out of it each time. I loved learning more about karma and found it a very spiritual experience, too. I strongly recommend it to others.
George M.
Encinitas, CA
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I found the Transformational Vedic Astrology course to be very practical in aiding clients, friends and family to move forward and realize their full potential. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Richard H.
Phoenix AZ
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I have been involved in yoga and meditation for years and had been curious about Vedic astrology. After having a reading with Michael I decided to look into what was involved in learning more. Level I was a great course to teach me the basics. This course fitted so well with my understanding of spirituality as seen through the Vedic tradition and also I really enjoyed learning online.
Katie G.
Pittsburgh PA
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It has been an amazing journey learning the Transformational Vedic Astrology (TVA) from Michael. TVA system is very practical, accurate and it aids self-discovery. TVA system is a light switch that switches something enlightening very deep within. Michael’s depth of knowledge, patience, and gentle guidance takes me to a deeper level of understanding every time I speak to him. For all the teachers that I have met in my life for various disciplines, Michael is truly the best! His presence is very inspirational. He is extremely supportive (quick in responding to questions) and continuously helps students to learn the materials with ease and confidence.
Pramod M.
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Thank you so much for offering the course to me, when I simply asked you for a book reference to astrology! I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to learn from you, benefitting from all the vast knowledge and experience that you have had for so many years! I am truly blessed!
Amy J
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Vedic Astrology is a vast subject and needs professional guidance. Michael makes sure that all his students have a clear understanding of the subject by addressing their queries online or on the conference calls. Michael’s classes, guidance and on-going mentoring made it easy for me to understand the concepts and further help my clients.
Thank you for your interest in taking Transformative Vedic Astrology provided to you by Michael and Robin Mastro, co-founders of Vastu Creations, LLC and the American Institute of Vastu.
In Sanskrit, the language of Vedic knowledge, “jyoti” means light. Transformative Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) brings us the light of knowledge to dispel the darkness of suffering. This form of astrology is unlike any other astrological system that is available today. It is unparalleled in its depth, accuracy, relevance and its ability to provide spiritual awakening.

Transformative Vedic Astrology will change your life forever.1) Transformative Vedic Astrology is a Complete Map of Your Karma. Your natal chart is a complete and intricate map of your birth karma. It shows you what you’re here to work on and even why you are here to do the work.

2) This System of Vedic Astrology is Extremely Accurate. Western tropical sun-sign based astrology changes signs monthly. Moon-sign based sidereal Vedic astrology changes signs every 80 hours. In comparison to these two forms of astrology, Sidereal Transformative Vedic Astrology focuses on the rising sign as being the prime indicator, changing signs every 2 hours and rising sign degrees every 4 minutes, making it the most specific and accurate representation of an astrological chart interpretation. Western astrology does not contain dashas (planetary cycles) which show trends in relationships, health, finances and career. This can help you to avert professional setbacks. It will support stability in relationships. It may even help you to prevent health challenges. It can help children develop to their full potential. It will help you alleviate and/or reduce stress through knowledge and tools that ease times of intense transition. When you know you will not be “stuck” in a challenging situation for a long period of time it reduces your anxiety and brings peace of mind. 

3) Suffering is Optional. With a complete map of your karmas (the results of past actions: “As you sow, so you shall reap.”), discovering your biggest obstacles and challenges becomes insightful and shows you the subtle, underlying influences that affect your daily life. The suffering that most people endure is optional, for the most part. The more you explore the wisdom of your own karmic map, the more you can awaken to the intricate layers that share your strengths and weaknesses. Discover your biggest challenges, then use this knowledge as insight for overcoming them. That’s why we’re here in the first place: To learn and grow. The wisdom of Transformative Vedic Astrology brings you an understanding of the nature of universal forces and how they guide our lives.

4) Timing is Everything. Much of our suffering is due to inaction or taking action at the wrong time. If we don’t know when to take action, we will miss important opportunities and precious resources that can help us on our journey. If we take action when there is no support or alignment from nature, we waste our valuable energy and this may even influence us taking appropriate action in the future. In truth, the wisdom and insight gained from studying this system brings you the understanding of the importance of right timing for powerful support and alignment with the forces of nature.

5) Discover Your Life Purpose. Sadly, so many people on the planet will never truly awaken to their life purpose! Nor will they feel totally fulfilled and passionate about their work and what they offer to the world. This is truly one of the biggest tragedies of the modern age. It’s also easily overcome by studying the Vedic astrological chart. There’s no need to struggle and wonder what your life purpose is when all these details are shared within your karmic map.

6) Bring About Spiritual Awakening. In fact, awakening to who you are was the original intention of Jyotish. The ancient Jyotishis originally used the Jyotish chart to help people become enlightened, awakened, and fully realized. The Jyotish chart is, in fact, one of the biggest resources for individualized self-discovery, transformation, and self-awakening if properly interpreted and utilized. Transformative Vedic Astrology guides you even deeper by sharing what pathways and tools are best for you to use. It also reveals if you’ll be able to receive the wisdom you need in this life for awakening and how enlightenment will come. In general, this system is unique and more precise and is one of the only resources available that offers a specific guide to enlightenment.

We use this system as a resource for self-discovery and awakening. We believe strongly that Jyotish has the power to uplift consciousness and heal non-productive tendencies. How you use this wisdom is very important because it is extremely powerful. Some Vedic readings leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. In this system you will learn action steps to transform your karma, which will bring hope and spiritual progress.

7) Support Others on Their Journey of Awakening. So many people are suffering. Transformative Vedic Astrology illuminates the challenges expressed in the chart to reveal opportunities for self development and self growth. Unlike most astrologers who just tell you what they see in your chart then give you very few tools for lasting change or healing, this course will give you the tools to support changes on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels not only for your clients, but for you, as well. Use the wisdom of the the Vedic chart to inform right action.Are you ready to discover how this system of personal and professional awakening will change your life? 


Our passion lies not only in helping our clients and students overcome their biggest karmic obstacles, but also in helping them awaken through studying their own charts. Nothing compares to the gifts of your own insights. Studying your own Jyotish chart is the most insightful way to awaken and enlighten your Self. As you study your karmic map and peel back the layers of illusion, your inner wisdom deepens. Here you can start listening to the brilliant messages within and unlock the precious gifts of your true nature. We are passionate about supporting you in continuing to awaken…it is a life-long process of exploration.

Please share this exciting course with your friends! And again, thank you for your interest in Transformative Vedic Astrology. We look forward to working with you!
Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. 
It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.
Albert Einstein, Physicist