Vedic Medical Astrology Course

Vedic Medical Astrology: 12 lessons leading to certification



This 12 lesson course contains powerful information to support your work with clients, family or friends, or for your own peace of mind. You will receive certification* at the end of this course as a Vedic Medical Astrologer through the American Institute of Vastu by completing the course and submitting required homework. This course is recommended for nutritional coaches, Ayurvedic practitioners, health coaches, life coaches, or anyone who is desiring to help themselves and others with the lifetime journey of health and healing.

The Vedic Medical Astrology Course offers you:

  • Remedies to protect and support from illness, including remedies for addictions.
  • Protocols and lifestyle tips for chronic disease
  • Auspicious times for conception
  • Determining favorable timing for surgeries
  • Duration of healing and recovery time from illness or disease
  • Indicators when to be cautious about accidents and illness, and when to be more attentive to proper rest and diet
  • Supportive transits for starting medication and surgeries

Schedule: Six lessons, each approximately one hour in length. Each lesson will be offered via web-based learning. There are downloadable handouts that support your online learning experience. A quiz will be given at the end of each lesson before moving onto the next lesson.

Course availability: The course is available NOW! You can take it at your own pace for a truly individualized learning experience.