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Michael’s Readings…

The art of Vedic astrology reveals the difficult planetary periods everyone transits through from time to time. Transformational Vedic Astrology offers tools and understanding of the greater intelligence that influences your daily life. Vedic astrology suggests ways to work with these natural forces more harmoniously to support your growth and reduce suffering.

Michael continues to offer a variety of astrological predictions for our clients for very reasonable prices. His readings have been an asset to those he works with, bringing support and insight that is a true gift.


Become a Student of Transformative Vedic Astrology

In Sanskrit, the language of Vedic knowledge, “jyoti” means light. Transformative Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) brings us the light of knowledge to dispel the darkness of suffering. This form of astrology is unlike any other astrological system that is available today. It is unparalleled in its depth, accuracy, relevance and its ability to provide spiritual awakening.

If you are interested in studying Transformational Vedic Astrology with Michael, please click here to learn more.





We invite you to take advantage of Michael’s readings. They will help smooth the karmic bumps in your life’s journey.

Dr. Keesha Ewers
Author, Teacher, Speaker, Clinician-Issaquah WA

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