with Michael Mastro

Right now, you can discover the link between
the cosmos and the body and become a

Certified Vedic Medical Astrologer.

This is one of the best ways to reach optimal health,
help your loved ones, and grow your business!

What if YOU could give this same gift TODAY?

The power of Vedic Medical Astrology lies in its ability to unveil the mysteries of a person’s unique constitution and potential health vulnerabilities.

It empowers you to proactively address imbalances, unlocking a path to vibrant well-being.

This pivotal, self-paced, stand-alone course contains powerful information to enhance your work and offer valuable information to your clients, friends and family.

Upon completion, you will receive certification as a Vedic Medical Astrologer through the American Institute of Vastu & Astrology.

For centuries, Vedic Medical Astrology has revealed the link between stars and symptoms and how it all affects our lives.

This is timeless science for modern health as Vedic wisdom STILL holds the key to understanding health patterns and symptoms even in our world today.

If you know in your soul that our bodies are inextricably linked to the Universe and cosmic energy, and if you’d like to be able to work with the planetary influences to OPTIMIZE your own health and the health of people you care about, join this course!

Imagine this…

In the land of mystics and sages, where the skies shimmered with countless stars, an ancient civilization flourished.

The people of this mystical realm revered the cosmos, believing that the planets and celestial bodies held the secrets to health, happiness, and spiritual evolution.

From this, a wise sage emerged, blessed with the knowledge of Vedic Medical Astrology. With keen insight, he read the cosmic symphony in the birth charts of individuals, unraveling the intricate web of connections between planetary movements and their well-being. He could discern the energies that influenced the body's equilibrium, unlocking the secrets of their health and destiny.

One day, a young seeker approached. She had been struggling with recurring health issues, seeking remedies to no avail. The sage gently studied her birth chart, listening to the cosmic whispers echoing through the ages and revealed the hidden imbalance.

Enlightened by this cosmic revelation, the seeker embraced the remedies prescribed by the sage—simple rituals, the wearing of a sacred gemstone, and lifestyle adjustments aligned with the cosmic rhythms, and gradually, her health improved.

The Vedic Medical Astrology Course provides you with:

And so much more....

Why am I so tired?

Should I have this surgery now or wait?

What is this aching in my back?

Why can’t I concentrate?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll be able to answer when you understand how each planet is intricately connected to a part of our bodies and how a small imbalance can dramatically effect our experience of life!

Wouldn’t if feel great to be able to make a suggestion that offered RELIEF!?

The course is self-paced via video and written material with weekly optional live case studies and Q&A.

Twenty Modules + Bonus Lesson include Deep Dives Into:

1. Introduction to the Elements and Terms
2. House Health Significations
3. Planet Health Significations
4. Sign Health Significations
5. Prime Determinants and Stressors (afflictors) for Health
6. Stress Factors affecting Health, Finances, Children, Relationships, and Jobs
7. Weak Organs & Organ Systems (Srotas)
8. Factors that Disturb the Body
9. a. Doshas, Signs, Planets
b. Chakras
10. Steps to Analyze Health Issues
11. Disease Timing, Intensity Healing Process
12. Timing to Start Medication and Surgery
13. Mental Issues
14. Autoimmune Issues

15. Cancers
16. Cardiovascular Issues
17. Musculoskeletal
18. Prakriti, Vikriti & Dosha Imbalance – VASTU AYURVEDA JYOTISH
19. Remedies – Case Studies Using Remedies
      a. kavach
      b. gems
      c. mantras
      e. yantras
      f. herbs
      g. aromas
      h. colors
      i. Vastu
      j. Health Altar
20. a – Taking Client’s History and Disclaimer
20. b – Summary and Steps to Certification
BONUS!!! Conception: Timing, Remedies & Tips

(Regularly $595, Special Offer good through 8/31 – $497)

Before you are certified by the American Institute of Vastu and Astrology, upon
completion of the course, your final assignment will be to submit three written client consultation
analyses to Michael for final approval to receive your certificate.

With your certification in Vedic Medical Astrology, you are empowered to uncover the hidden
secrets of health, harness the power of planetary influence, and arm yourself with
 the tools that optimize health for yourself, your family and your clients!


Michael Mastro is not only a wonderful human being but also an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. The pace and level of engagement in his astrology course is perfectly balanced, allowing for thorough understanding without feeling overwhelmed. Michael’s expertise in the subject matter is evident as he effortlessly guides us through the intricacies of Vedic astrology. What sets this course apart is the emphasis on practical application. Through weekly classes focused on diving into specific chart examples, we gain invaluable experience in reading and interpreting charts. This hands-on approach has really helped me in my understanding of Vedic astrology. I recommend Michael Mastro’s Vedic Medical Astrology Course to anyone who is interested in learning Vedic Medical Astrology. Katy G – Los Angeles, CA

I have been studying Vedic Medical Astrology with Michael Mastro for the last 2 years and am continually in awe of his insight and how masterful he is at reading charts. I am learning so much from him and it is opening up worlds and dimensions for me that I did not know existed. I have also been consulting with Michael for my own chart and it has been life changing. All the remedies and recommendations he has given me have helped me navigate life’s challenges in the most fluid and accepting way. I’m very grateful for all Michael’s teachings and expertise! Sara B – New York, NY

Vedic Medical Astrology with Michael has been a powerful tool for guiding my friends and clients through transits and health challenges in their lives. He gives examples with practical Ayurvedic remedies and Is very supportive in helping students understand this amazing science. Maria G – Nutley, NJ