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Vedio Full Moon Altar Activation Ceremony with Q&A

Join us on Monday, July 19, at 11am PDT to ignite your Full Moon Altar with us and to enliven the support of nature on your behalf.

Below is the agenda for this FREE 60-minute Full Moon Altar Activation Ceremony:

  • Michael will discuss the predominant planetary energies for the coming month according to Jyotish, a system of astrology that was written in the Vedas, from India 7,000-10,000 years ago
  • Then we will lead you through a powerful pranayama to prepare your nervous system for the Full Moon Altar Activation Ceremony
  • We will chant sacred mantras to support your success and align you to the forces of nature and your heart’s desires
  • As a community, we will ignite the Full Moon Altar for Abundance in All Things
  • Michael will then share a healing blessing for our planet and for your health, relationships, and personal success
  • Come with your questions for the Q&A session at the end of this powerful event
  • Please spread the word and share this with other like-minded people who would enjoy this experience and community…each event is unique to the energies on the planet at that time

Together, let's go on a journey
from head to heart and experience the power of the Full Moon Altar for Abundance in All Things!

Monday, July 19th, at 11am PDT

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As an additional gift, you will receive free e-book,"Full Moon Altar eBook", a downloadable recording of the Peace Mantra and a downloadable OM yantra!

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