Vastu Creations

Michael Mastro:

❖ Introduced to meditation in 1968

❖ Teacher of Transcendental Meditation 1970-1993

❖ Five Year BA Degree in Architecture, University of Washington, focusing on Sustainable Housing

❖ Designer for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (The Beatles Guru), in early 1970’s, of spiritual centers around the world using principles of Vastu

❖ A scholar of the Manasara, a major Vedic text of Vastu, and 17 other major Vastu Sanskrit texts, including Rajvallagh by Shilpa Charya Mandan

❖ Honorary Masters in Vedic Science from Nagar Academy, Noida, India 1981

❖ Over 30 years consulting people worldwide to achieve success through Vastu

❖ Designed and built the first Microsoft building and several other buildings for Boeing according to Vastu tenets

❖ Teacher of Meditation and Vedic Breathing for the Art of Living Foundation since 1993

❖ As past CEO of Global Development, Michael was a leading builder in the Pacific Northwest with over 35 years experience in the construction industry, building over 20 million square feet of commercial space and 15,000 residences during his career

❖ Past Member of the Board of Regents, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington

❖ Vastu Architectural Designer and Presenter on Dr. Oz TV Show

❖ Frequent blogger on the Dr. Oz Expert site

❖ Monthly contributor of articles for The Chopra Lifestyle Newsletter

❖ Master Vastu Consultant for The Chopra Center Online

❖ Guest Speaker at The United Nations presenting Vastu – 2015


Robin Mastro:

❖Masters in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University specializing in Environmental Design

❖Extensive background and training in alternative healing and nutrition

❖Teacher of massage, yoga, meditation, and Vedic practices

❖Speakers bureau owner, life coach and media/advertising and marketing business owner

❖Co-founder of Computers for Kids and the Triology Method of Computer Education

❖Teacher of Vedic Breathing for the Art of Living Foundation since 1993

❖Designer of AltarWear – a line of transformative Vedic jewelry

❖Frequent blogger on the Dr. Oz Expert site

❖Monthly contributor of articles for The Chopra Lifestyle Newsletter

Michael and Robin Mastro:

❖ Guest presenters on Vastu at Microsoft, Intel, NASA, World Bank, Amazon and Boeing, as well as Hindu Temples in the US, India and Germany

❖ Founders of Vastu Creations, LLC

❖ Founders of Balanced Books Publishing, a subsidiary of Vastu Creations

❖ Founders of the American Institute of Vastu – developed curriculum course study and certification program in Vastu

❖ The Mastros have written two multi award-winning books on Vastu: The Way of Vastu and Altars of Power and Grace

❖ The Mastros third book is Making Room for Mr. Right, Atria Books (a division of Simon & Schuster)

❖ Articles by the Mastros on Vastu appear on sites throughout the worldwide web

❖ Written for national and international publications about Vastu

❖ Nationally and internationally recognized leaders of Vastu

❖ Designers of many Vastu-related products offered on their websites

❖ Designed and built the first Vastu Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), 5-Star energy rated home

❖ Teachers for the international humanitarian organization The Art of Living Foundation since 1993

❖ Expert Bloggers for Dr.

❖ Contributor of Vastu articles on