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Vastu Brings Well-Being into Your Home

Vastu is the ancient, sacred science of architecture that creates harmonious structures for a more productive and healthy life.

Vastu comes from a body of knowledge called the Vedas, written some 7,000 to 10,000 years ago in India. One of it’s sister sciences is Ayurveda, the first science of medicine. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is said we are made of the five elements found in nature –earth, fire, water, air and space– and we are vibrating in harmony with universal energy sources like the sun and moon. When we are in harmony with this energy, we thrive. When we are not, we struggle and suffer more than needed.

Vastu takes this a step further. Vastu explains the relationship between you and the environment in which you live. It offers insight and specific corrections that are unique to you and your home that reduce the external stress affecting your life, your relationships and your wellbeing.

According to ancient Vedic texts, each of the five elements is associated with a specific area of your home. The more time you spend in that environment, or any physical structure like your office, the more it may influence your health, relationships, career, and abundance.

When the five elements are out of balance and get stuck, you might experience reduced income, disharmony in your closest relationships, illness or lack of energy, and possibly disease of some kind, and even financial hardship. By applying the principles of Vastu, you can circumvent many issues that might manifest as challenges or serious physical concerns.

Vastu Creations has been identifying and eliminating the environmental blocks that translate into challenges and stress your life. Our clients include corporate giants like Microsoft, World Bank, NASA, Nordstrom, Intel and individuals and smaller businesses from around the world.

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