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Organize your Sacred Space and Turn Sparks into Flames of Passion...

Tired of waking up in a lonely bed? Take a look around your bedroom. If it’s disorganized and messy, even behind the closet doors, you could be creating a logjam to your heart’s desires.

By creating harmony and balance in the bedroom, you can open the door to the energy of love in your life, including passion. Here are some practical tips you can do right now to move out the old, stale past and bring in fresh new opportunity for the love you desire:

  • Clear out clutter from under your bed. When you store things under your bed, it affects your subconscious and keeps it stuck in regrets of the past. Keep this area clear of junk. It will lighten your mood and you’ll sleep better, too.

  • Remove family pictures from your bedroom, especially pictures of relatives that have passed-on. The bedroom is not the place for family pictures, except if it’s you and your lover. This is your love-chamber. You want the romance and passion to flow without your family lineage watching over you.

  • Consider replacing your old sheets with new, pink sheets in cotton sateen. The feeling of crisp cotton sheets is welcoming and refreshing and the color pink has a tranquil and calming influence on the nervous system. Pink also has a healing influence on the environment.

  • Use red as an accent color, but only in small amounts. Red is very stimulating and seductive. It’s synonymous with love, passion and romance. Use it in candles and cut flowers or as a throw or pillows on the bed. For women, consider a nightie in this color, too.

  • Place a small piece of tumbled rose quartz in each corner of your bedroom to encourage loving relationships in your life. This particular stone promotes romantic love and also symbolizes self-love and acceptance.

  • Consider candles or incense in the fragrances of lavender to enhance well-being, rose to open the heart, neroli to calm and relax the body and strengthen the emotions.

  • Remove any mirror that faces the bed. If you can see yourself in a mirror, sitting up or lying in bed, either remove it or cover it with a piece of silk cloth at night. As you sleep, you throw off the stress of the day. A mirror “mirrors” that stress right back to you.

  • To feel better and have a more restful night sleep, sleep with your head to the south. Have you noticed when you haven’t slept well you don’t feel very good about yourself the next day? It’s hard to feel alluring and sexy without a good night’s sleep! Positive magnetic energy comes from the north. Your body is like a magnate with the positive polarity in your head. To receive the most health benefits while you sleep, sleep with your head on the south wall with your feet facing north. You’ll wake more refreshed and stay healthier, too.

  • Move your bed 4” from the wall to eliminate the negative influence of electrical pollution and pipes in the wall that can drain your energy.

  • Dowse your bedroom to eliminate environmental stress. Geopathic stress comes from underground streams, fault lines, and utilities that enter your home. Wherever these lines cross, especially in the area of your bed, they can create health problems.

These simple steps above can make all the difference in your life on so many levels. By taking the time to consciously stimulate change in your home, especially in the bedroom, you make a clear statement that you are ready for something new. Now is the time to take action. Your romantic future is in your own hands. You have only to begin the journey to reap the benefits of better health and bring some sizzle and passion into your bedroom.

My next blog post will help you learn how to remove geopathic stress through dowsing.

* * *

Robin & Michael Mastro are co-authors of Making Room for Mr. Right ~ How to Attract the Love of Your Life (Atria Books) which is filled with concrete, time-tested techniques to bring the prosperity of love into the lives of women (and men) everywhere. You can purchase the book by clicking here.