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Geopathic Stress ~ Understanding the Impact of Earth Radiation (an excerpt from The Way of Vastu)

Did you know that detrimental environmental imbalances like geopathic stress can affect our physiology and result in chronic illness? It's true!

Years ago, Dr. Otto Bergsmann, a professor at the University of Vienna, reported changes in serum values of calcium, zinc and serotonin in humans after short-term exposure to non-life supporting earth radiation sites. Dr. Bergsmann’s observations showed that even limited exposure to such negative forces could significantly undermine our immune systems. And these days, that added stress that Dr. Bergsmann reported on can be the tipping point for those whose immune systems are already compromised. Spending longer periods of time in such unhealthy environments can cause one’s health to deteriorate to an alarming degree.

In the early 1990s the United States Environmental Protection Agency stated that after examining available data over the previous 15 years, there was evidence of a positive association between exposure to magnetic fields and certain site-specific cancer, namely leukemia, cancer of the central nervous system and to a lesser extent, lymphomas.

As early as the 1920s, studies were conducted in Germany (such as the Winzer-Melzer survey of Stuttgart) that determined major geological faults, which emanated noxious radiation, crossing under the beds of a high percentage of cancer victims. Hundreds of studies since that time (by Dr. Ernst Hartmann of Germany and others) have shown that radiation does, in fact, accumulate in places where geopathic stress lines are crossed.

People exposed to such concentrations of geopathic stress can suffer a weakening of the immune system and may contract a variety of diseases. In a number of European countries, before one buys or builds a house, it is understood that the first order of business is to conduct a survey for geopathic stress on the property. Wise builders place a high priority on considering the relationship between the geopathic stress on a site and the wellbeing of the people who will be exposed to it.

How Geopathic Stress Affects You

How do you know if geopathic stress is impacting your life, and where is it coming from? One way it may affect you is by compromising your immune system and creating health challenges that range from mild to severe. Geopathic stress may come from underground streams on your property, and also from utilities that are placed underground, such as sewer lines, electrical wires, water lines, and storm water or gas pipes.

Consider where you spend most of your time. On average, a person spends six to eight hours every day in bed sleeping. Due to the length of time you stay in bed, you have a greater risk of exposure to the potential of geopathic stress that can build up and accumulate in the body.

It is just as important to consider the property where you work. How much time do you spend at work, perhaps sitting at your desk? Geopathic stress can not only affect your overall health; it can reduce your productivity and inhibit your ability to concentrate.

Note of interest:  Cats tend to sleep in areas of geopathic stress, while dogs avoid them.

Instructions for Eliminating Geopathic Stress

Removing geopathic stress isn’t difficult to do, and reportedly 80% of the population has the ability to eliminate its impact from their working and living environments. Here’s an easy-to-do technique, called dowsing, that will make a world of difference in your life by alerting you to areas where you can make adjustments to eliminate geopathic stress. We advise doing this on a full moon, when your intuition is strongest and your ability to perceive the flow of energies is greatly enhanced.

Here’s what you’ll need before you begin:

~ Take two coat hangers and bend each of them into an L shape that is 4”x 16”

~ Purchase enough #4 copper wire at a local hardware store to make ten or more copper rods that each measure 18” long

~ Have the store cut the wire into 18” segments. You can cut them yourself if you have the appropriate wire cutting tool


1. Hold the short side of the L shaped coat hanger in each hand.

2. Do not squeeze the rods too tight, as they need to be able to move.

3. To begin, take a deep cleansing breath in and out through the nose.

4. After doing this, ask either silently or aloud, to be shown the geopathic stress lines coming from your left side that are harmful to or blocking your good health, happiness, and prosperity.

5. Walk around the perimeter of your home or office clockwise. You can do this outside the building and/or inside, room by room.

6. While holding the rods parallel to the ground and parallel to each other, walk in a straight line slowly around the perimeter of your property or room. Where the rods cross or move in opposite directions, you have found a geopathic stress line.

Note: The stress lines you will find will be coming in at right angles or perpendicular to the direction in which you are walking.

For outside around the building: If you live in a house with property or have a business where you can walk the ground and check for geopathic stress, here is what you can do to block the line(s) from entering the home or office.

1. Whenever the L rods cross, mark the spot.

2. Copper staples must be placed in the ground at each location where the rods cross perpendicular to a stress line and parallel to the direction you are walking.

(To form and position these: Take one copper rod and bend each end 2” to form a giant staple.)

Push the bent ends of this staple firmly into the ground.

This copper staple creates an energetic block that stops the geopathic stress from entering the environment.

For inside the building: If you live in a flat, an apartment, or you rent a room in a home or dormitory, we advise you to check for environmental stress inside the building. It is also recommended that you dowse your bedroom, even if you have already dowsed your property. As you sleep, unchecked geopathic stress may be building up in the bedroom and causing considerable health problems, as we mentioned earlier.

1. Wherever the L rods cross, copper rods must be placed.

2. Lay a straight copper rod parallel to the wall at each spot where the L rods cross. The rod can be placed very close to the wall or tucked under the floor molding.

By checking for geopathic stress inside your home and making this simple adjustment, you will block or divert harmful radiation from affecting you or your loved ones. This will make a profound impact on the quality of your life.

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