Vastu Creations

The Ancient Secret that Improves Your Life

A little known science of environmental balance brings its benefits to people around the world.

Thousands of years ago, ancient seers in India found that by aligning home and working environments with the forces of nature supported the success, good health and well-being of the community. Cities were built according to these principles and the citizenry prospered for generations.

Unfortunately, this knowledge then became the property of the powerful and was used only for those of royal means and yet, the knowledge tricked down and became the basis for stories and mythology told by grandmothers to educate the generations that came after them.

This powerful architectural science has been reintroduced to the world and has helped thousands find greater support in all areas of life.

Is your home a sanctuary where you feel productive, purposeful and peaceful? If you do not, if you feel stressed out because you are:

  • having trouble sleeping

  • worrying about family members

  • experiencing struggle in other important relationships

  • concerned about health challenges

  • feeling frustrated with financial concerns

  • unmotivated and stuck in your career

We have found the problem will most likely show up as imbalances within your home itself. By identifying and eliminating the environmental stress that can be the underlying root cause of the majority of your problems, you begin to experience improvement in all areas of your life.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of people around the world who initially struggled in one or all of the areas mentioned above. In reviewing the floor-plan of their homes, we were able to locate and correct the imbalances that blocked the energy needed to live with more grace and well-being.

Reducing the stress by creating balanced living and working environments where you thrive supports you to experience more clarity and peace of mind. This is what Vastu is all about.

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