Vastu Creations

You Are Unlimited Potential

What you think about yourself matters. How many of you grew up being told you had unlimited potential?

When I grew up, these were not the words I heard in my household. I grew up in an era where children were seen and not heard. We were expected to succeed, but not too much, especially if we were girls.⠀

It wasn’t until I entered college did I feel my voice had relevance, or that my intelligence was applauded. Because of my upbringing, it took a long time before I trusted I actually did have unique gifts to offer; that being intuitive, creative and spiritual was an asset, more than a liability.⠀

My first spiritual teacher was my yoga teacher when I was 20. She was from Turkey and taught Raja Yoga. She was very strict and knew when my mind wandered and my discipline faltered. She told me I was a light and had power. No one had ever said those words to me. She was my advocate, my spiritual mother, who guided me until the next teacher was presented to me. ⠀

And so it has been as I continue on my path with amazing teachers who challenge my mind’s beliefs and perceptions and who open my heart to something more.

But hear me…we are never less, no matter what we have been told to believe. We are all gifted with unlimited potential, expanding and continually evolving. Open your mind and embrace your beautiful, tender heart. Look inside at the beauty that resides there…⠀