Vastu Creations

Make Your Home a Delight for the Senses...

It began with the dining chairs I saw in a showroom in Georgetown a few years before we had even decided to build this Vastu home.

I fell in love with the design of these chairs. At first sight, they were a delight for the senses. ⠀

Then came the curtains. I found the material at the Design Center in LA. Golden circles woven on heavy, cream fabric, the weight allowing the curtains, once made, to drape and pool perfectly on the floor. ⠀

The home, designed by Michael, my husband, was a testament to our love of the architectural science of Vastu. It was the perfect container that allowed me to explore my love of texture, color and beauty. ⠀

The east-facing windows and doors led to a deck that looked out onto Lake Washington, Mercer Island, and the Cascade Mountains beyond. East facing windows and doors allow for the health-giving benefits of the sun to enter the home. ⠀

The walls were painted a golden coffee color, adding warmth and elegance to the setting. The circular pattern in the curtains was mirrored by the dining table and chandelier above. The repetition of pattern in various sizes and materials allows the mind to relax and take in the continuity and harmony of a space.⠀

Emotions are uplifted and the nervous system relaxes with the thoughtful placement of items using Vastu design. Vastu brings a sense of serenity and peace to interior spaces, influencing how people feel as soon as they enter a home. ⠀