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The Mrityunjaya Mantra ~ A Powerful, Protective Blessing for You and Your Environment

This ancient mantra blesses you and your home in a multitude of ways.

The Mrityunjaya Mantra, also known as the Healing Mantra, is beneficial for your mental, emotional and physical health. It is an ally that supports longevity and brings you protection in stressful times. It also infuses your environment with its powerful blessings.

When we chant or listen to this mantra daily –it can be chanted in increments of 9 up to 108 times– it will support healing and rejuvenation. It also promotes deeper awareness, motivating you to become self-realized.

Michael and I have this mp3 downloadable recording playing on auto-repeat at a low volume in our kitchen. It infuses your food with its healing and protective blessings. When played in your bedroom –either on your laptop or phone– it creates a calm, protective, and healing environment. Use it when you or a family member are ill or to protect you from becoming ill.

We all need useful tools to experience a calm and loving sanctuary during these most transformational times.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive 20% off –now until midnight, Friday 10/9/20. As our gift, we’ll also send you the downloadable Mrityunjaya Yantra – the physical representation of this mantra. In Sanskrit, sound and form are the same and are equally powerful. Print, cut out and place this yantra on your Health Altar* to enhance the altar’s positive energy.

*To learn more about the Health Altar and how to create it, we recommend our multi-award-winning book, “Altars of Power and Grace”. Click here to purchase and download.