Vastu Creations

Grace and Gratitude

We have so very much to be thankful for, even during this incredibly transformational time upon our planet.

To be alive, to stay alive is a blessing and a challenge. And, as we move into the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, I can’t help but wonder how humanity will fare. I pray we allow our hearts and souls to lead us and give our troubled minds a rest. I pray we allow grace, in the form of God, Goddess, All that Is, to help us grow through this Dark Night and guide us to a more peaceful time, a more perfect union; a place where we can begin anew.

This has been the year of years! I have spent time taking better care of myself and creating new partnerships and connections. I have opened my heart in compassion and service to others. And, I have embraced those who I hold dear with a renewed commitment that we build stronger, more enduring relationships.

I have surrendered to this new way of being that has brought with it a promise of expanded engagement and celebration. At the core of this is a deeper commitment to being present, open, and willing to step forward. There are forces beyond our control that illuminate our path, and the more we trust and surrender, the more our hearts open.

I have much to be grateful for, for indeed the grace that comes from this surrender brings with it some amazing blessings. I have a new perspective, a new vision of purpose where I see my part in creating a better world, one filled with more love, more kindness, more fulfillment.

I want to offer my entire being in service as we end this troubled year. I want to provide hope and goodness to all instead of the disappointment and despair experienced by many. I want to embrace love and provide solace, sharing inspiration, and an opportunity to end suffering.

If all we have is our hearts and love to share, it is more than enough. What I will leave you with here is my wish that we all find a way to reach out and be of service. For those of us with skills to provide, offer what you have. When we give with an open heart, the blessings we receive from this simple act are multiplied 1000 fold. Know that there are many that suffer still and need our compassion during this transformational awakening. In the next year or so, we will birth a new vision for ourselves. Let it be one that fills our hearts to overflowing.

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We pray this provides you the opportunity to share with others what we hope will uplift and inspire positive change in all your lives. Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and clients in the US and, to everyone around the world, our love to you.