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Let Go of the Control

Do you struggle with letting go of control?

I see how many of my friends and family members struggle with letting go. They seem stuck in a rut of uncertainty or bad habits that create a lot of disappointment and frustration. Disappointment that could have been from trauma or regret in the past has lead to a fear of being hurt in the future. Or, even a lack of trust in the present moment.

What I have found is the more I attempt to control my external reality, the more I fail. It’s never worked out for me to be in the driver’s seat, and it causes way too much stress. Even if it ends up looking the way I thought I wanted it to, somehow it never feels totally right.

I’ve learned to stay in the flow without letting go of responsibilities or my desires. I allow myself to open the door to possibilities that are in the realm of the unseen. I “feel” how I want things to be for me and I move towards those feelings instead of focusing on the details of how to get there. I believe it’s about opening and receiving instead of determining and “making it happen”.

I’m not saying my mind doesn’t get in the way from time to time. I do get excited when things go well and my head wants to “figure out” how to do that “thing that made it all happen” again. It’s just that, like great ideas that come when you wash your hair or doing some mundane chore, when my mind lets go, something that is more filled with potential success reveals itself. It’s like opening a door and, in that moment, your whole life changes.

Let go and relax: Each morning, I surrender my day. I do this through meditation or the breath. I say a prayer that reminds me to allow those unseen forces in my daily life to have their way. I continue to notice when I do, there is more ease.

Here’s a prayer I say…find one that works for you: “Dearest Mother, I am not the doer here. Show me what is mine to do.” I leave it at that; I leave all my anxiety, to-do lists, and expectations of myself and my day at the feet of the Divine and take one step forward, arms open, ready for what is next.

I have learned over time that there is a force much more refined and knowing that me that already knows the best place for my attention, my “doing” energy. I breathe in, let go and wait for guidance…make the bed, take a shower, do my yoga, and listen again. Go into my office and open my computer and ask to be shown if it is time to share my heart and creativity, to offer my vulnerable self to others.

I don’t consider myself a great writer or sage…I give you what comes to me to share. I am letting go of the control and replacing it with simplicity and surrender, opening and trusting in the right timing of things. I am seeing this is what works best for me.

How do you plug into your creative spark? What gifts do you share with others that delight you?

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