Vastu Creations

Relax, it's covered...

For some of us, this is the season where things tend to get a little hectic.

The Holidays have a way of creeping up on us and now, during this time of Covid-19, most everyone we know is revamping how they celebrate (or not) the Season of Giving.

This year, Michael and I have been feeling more prone to giving meaningful gifts; items that support small businesses or good causes; thoughtful gifts that make a difference in people’s lives by giving hope, inspiration, and joy.

We are offering in our gifting the message that we care, that you are never alone. We’ve decided since our extended family and friends won’t be coming over to celebrate, that we are leaving most of the “decorations” in storage and opening up our hearts, instead of our home, for gatherings.

Our new tradition is less extraneous stuff

and more about offering thoughtful gifts that uplift, inspire, and improve people’s lives.

Our 20% off EVERYTHING sale continues through midnight, December 20th. Use code: “holiday” at checkout to receive your discount on our website. Even courses about Vastu and Vedic astrology ( are on sale. When we say EVERYTHING, we mean everything!

We have you covered through products, services, and educational courses designed to transform and uplift the lives of your friends, family, and most certainly you.

Our love to you,

Robin & Michael