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The Year of Change

Many of us entered into 2020 with a renewed energy ready to tackle a new year

Many of us entered into 2020 with a renewed energy ready to tackle a new year. The sound of “2020” gives off a vibe of completion as we often use it when we’re talking about hindsight. Although it may not seem like it, this year did indeed give us a deeper look into the way we have always done things in the past. This year, we have been compelled to take a deeper look at our lives and the lives of the collective, as well as prompted to downsize in many ways and upgrade in others.

This year has taken away a lot from us, our physical connection to our loved ones, friends and community, but at the same time it has given us back time, space and vulnerability. For many it may be hard to look at the silver lining, and I can completely understand that. Some people have lost…lost people, lost jobs and have been tested more than they ever have been, or will be. On the other hand I have spoken to many people who have embraced this year and have been open to the lessons that it has tried to teach us.

What are those lessons you ask? Of course they vary from person to person, but in my eyes there has been a few common themes that I can put my finger on.

  1. Change is necessary to evolve. We often spoke about how a change needed to happen in the world, both environmentally but also on a human level. Everything won’t change in a year, but this year has given us the time we needed to be still and reflect.. giving us space to make changes within ourselves, which in turn has indeed reflected big changes in the collective.

  2. Deeper connections. Although we weren’t able to connect face to face with the people that we love and adore, it seems that a lot of us were able to reach a level of vulnerability and understanding for our loved ones that we weren’t able to reach in the past. When we go through something traumatic together, it often opens us up to be more compassionate with others, and also ourselves.

  3. We were able to see true colors. This may have been one of the most difficult things that we witnessed this year, but also one of most powerful. The amount of hate that we saw this year was equally met with overwhelming love. We can’t force people to love others, but we can live by example, and many people did just that, they lead with love and acceptance for all.

There are so many more lessons that 2020 has taught us and I’m sure each person can list off their own individual lessons that will look different from the next person. It’s quite easy to focus on what went wrong this year, but I challenge you to think about what indeed went right, or at least what you learned that can help you in your bright future.

Once we meet 2021, everything won’t magically go away, but we will enter into this next year, knowing that anything is possible, both good and bad, knowing that we have resilience to embrace both, knowing that what will be will be, and what we can control, we will.

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Wishing you lots of love and grace.

Robin and Michael