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5 Ways to Feel the Holiday Joy

Christmas and the holidays have always been about coming together with your family. It's usually a day filled with cooking, singing, and seeing the joy on our family's faces as they unwrap their gifts. Even if we're spending the holidays with our families this year, there is still an underlying feeling of unease that most of us will experience. However, this blog isn't about that, it's just the opposite! We want to make sure you still feel the joy and happiness of this day, so we've put together a list!

1. Share Time With Your Family

Whether you’re on zoom or in person, make sure to love and be loved by your family this holiday season. Bake with them, make Tiktok videos, and laugh at your dance moves, play games, and read to each other. Fill the day with different ways to laugh, engage, and show each other your love.

2. Cook Delicious Food

Nothing screams holidays like a spread of deliciously cooked food. Cook your favorites and fill your house with wonderful aromas that soothe your soul. Food is, in fact, one amazing way to the heart, and it’s a sure way to turn up the holiday spirit.

3. Listen and Play Holiday Music

Fill your house with the classics and tune into those holiday playlists. Even better, if someone in your family plays an instrument, get them to play some songs and sing along. The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without music.

4. Create a New Tradition

Out with the old and in with the new. That has been the motto of the year, so why not bring it into your holiday celebration as well. Maybe you build a gingerbread house or do a holiday scavenger hunt. You could even have a holiday fashion show for your family with all the clothes you weren’t able to wear this year. A tradition has to start somewhere, right?

5. Show Your Love

Spread your holiday joy to others. You can do that by dropping off food to shelters or even to family members who are alone this holiday season. It doesn’t have to stop at food either. There are plenty of people without the necessities, especially this year. Donating blankets, toiletries, hats, and scarves can leave you feeling good and counting your blessings, while also helping those in need.

Although the holiday season is far from what it was last year, there is always room for joy. Just because your traditions may shift this year, doesn’t mean that it still can’t be great.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

Robin and Michael