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Full Moon Altar for Manifestation

We're getting excited for our FREE Full Moon Altar Class on January 27th, 2021!

During the next week and a half, we will be preparing you for your own full moon altar initiation and teaching you the power of surrender on our Instagram page, all leading up to the first full moon of 2021 and our FREE Full Moon Altar Live Class!

If you’ve read Making Room for Mr. Right you know that a vision came to me in a deep, almost dream-like, mediation that guided me to initiate a full moon altar of my own.

At the time I was young, a new mom who had been staying at a friend’s house because my then-husband had gambled away our home, which consequently meant I was homeless and in an unhappy marriage.

I was feeling lost, and the divine showed me a vision which led me to surrender and trust while also setting intentions in front of my altar. I know for certain that my choice to surrender, as well as my altar offering, was the key to the rapid change that I experienced. I know this because since that time many years ago, I’ve been able to guide others to make the same massive changes in their own lives through life-transforming altars. The process of allowing the Divine Presence to have a voice in your life will bring you your heart’s desires. It is through learning this powerful alchemy using this specific formula I will give you that allows for the Divine Presence to be activated in your life. The Full Moon Altar is the focal point for your surrender and faith to allow the magic of transformation to happen.

Those who have entrusted me with teaching them to align their altars with their intentions have seen enormous and positive shifts in money, love, and their overall well-being. Although knowing what you want is the key to getting what you want you also have to trust the divine to provide you with what you NEED. That is the true purpose of this practice: To trust, have faith, and surrender.

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Also, mark your calendars for January 27th, and look out for more information on how you can join Michael and me for the free, live initiation of your very own Full Moon Altar through social email and emails.

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We look forward to seeing you online on the 27th!

Robin and Michael