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Let's Get Ready For Our Full Moon Altar Ceremony Event...coming soon!

This week on Instagram, we began sharing stories on what is needed for our Full Moon Altar Activation Ceremony. It's a FREE, Live Event that will be held via Zoom on January 27th at 10 am PST.

If you’ve missed out on our stories on Instagram, you can revisit them in our highlights, but we also want to bring you up to speed here in our newsletter so you have everything you need to attend and activate your own Full Moon Altar along with us.

When beginning this process, the intention placed for your Full Moon Altar is a vital step for manifestation.

Everything you do as part of this process is a sacred act. Think of this act as a way to connect with the divine presence within your life and within our world. According to the science of Vastu, everything is alive, pulsating with energy, and is here to support your growth so you continue to evolve in consciousness and in service to the divine, and to others.

Altars in the Vedic tradition represent the universe in perfect order.

Within this sacred space, through your intention, you manifest that which your need for your fulfillment into physical form.

What is it you need?

This is not about your wants. The things you want that truly fulfill you must come from a deeper place than the mind. You rarely feel satisfied for very long when your wants are met. You end up craving more, wanting more — a new car, a new house, a better or new relationship, this thing, that thing, but how long do these things make you happy, make you feel fulfilled?

It is the feeling behind the want we are going for, the deeper level of what your soul requires so that you are able to experience true fulfillment and abundance. Consider the needs that are behind the desires of the mind. This is the doorway to your intention for this altar. Is it to experience healing, have peace in your life and on the planet, live in plenty, be the love you wish to attract, be of service to others, be happy and content for no reason…contribute to others in some meaningful way?

The adventure begins with identifying your need. When you create an altar in this way, it begins to reverberate into your life to support your next step.

Once you have established your intention, it is time to select an altar cloth. Something that you find beautiful — a fabric, a shawl, or a scarf. The altar cloth defines the space you place your altar on.

NOTE: Every item you place upon your altar, including the altar cloth itself, must touch your heart. Ask yourself – “Do I love this __________?”

Now, we take a look at the 5 elements. You will incorporate these items representing the elements into your altar design: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space.

Air represents seeds of blessings and good wishes. Our hopes and dreams take flight in this refined energy, guided by the Divine Presence.

Water represents our emotions and desires. Pure water symbolizes the fluid that protects, embraces, and births our sincere intentions aligned with our highest good.

Fire represents passion, energy, illumination, and the burning away of what is no longer needed for manifestation to occur.

Earth represents the grounding force that births your highest aspirations and brings them into physical form.

The space element is where you place your offering tray, which is the conduit for manifestation and transformation.

To learn more about the details of what besides the elements above will be needed for your Full Moon Altar, along with receiving the link for the Zoom Webinar, Click here and register. You’ll receive our PDF called Create a Full Moon Altar for Abundance in All Things, and the link sent to your email. *Remember to check your spam folder and the promotions folder if you didn’t receive our email after registering.

Mike and I are excited to do the astrology of this first full moon, chant some mantras together, and initiate our collective Full Moon Altars with you on January 27th. This is the first full moon of the New Year (and the first full moon ceremony we’ve ever done on Zoom) and we wouldn’t want to spend it any other way than with our wonderful community.

Please follow us on Instagram to find more inspiration. There will be a link in our bio to register for this event you can also send to friends or family. We will be sending out another newsletter early next week with more information, so stay tuned!

May the beautiful light within you continue to shine brightly,

Robin and Michael