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The Importance of Self Love

In order to experience love fully, we must first attend to the journey of loving ourselves.

If you are constantly giving to others without taking time to replenish yourself, you may eventually begin to feel physically and emotionally depleted, resentful, and/or easily irritated. These are just some of the potential negative emotions that could very well crop up.

We talked about Vedic Tools to Balance Self in our last blog where we shared several Vedic techniques that support your health from tongue scraping to oil pulling and more. In our next Mantra Mondays, we’ll share the benefit of accessing the inner terrain of your being where true peace, love, and kindness blossom.

We’ll begin with a unique pranayama (breathing) exercise that will bring you into the Present Moment…the place where all manifestation originates.

Michael and I truly believe in the power of breathing exercises and this one is more powerful than you can imagine! This one specific exercise will help you:

  • Smooth out the breath to eliminate stress in the body

  • Calm the mind and regulate emotions to reduce worries and anxieties

  • Improve focus and attention, removing brain fog

  • Increase energy, bringing enthusiasm and positivity

  • Boost the immune system

  • Rejuvenate the body and mind

According to the Art of Living Foundation, the worldwide spiritual organization Michael and I have been teachers of for over 25 years, simply put, ‘prana’ refers to the universal life force and ‘ayama’ means to regulate or lengthen.

Ancient yogic seers observed the power of the breath to increase one’s prana and developed special breathing techniques to increase life energy, maintain health and create a calm, clear state of mind that is conducive for meditation.

Pranayama is not just breath control as commonly perceived but it is the control of the flow of prana, or life-force energy, through the breath.

Not only will we be focusing on the breath, but we’ll also be introducing a new mantra where we will call in the power of Lakshmi. Hindus believe that Lakshmi brings in the power of good fortune and success to those who worship her without greed. She is depicted with four arms, in a lotus flower usually with an elephant or two in the background.

This Lakshmi Mantra is a tongue twister, but one I believe

you will really love once you get the hang of it.

We will repeat this mantra 9x during our next Mantra Mondays on

Facebook and Instagram Live February 22 at 11am PT!

Mantra: Om Shrim Klim Lakshmi Narayana Abhayam Namaha

Phonetic: Om Sh-rim Kl-im Lak-sh-mi Na-rhy-ana Ab-e-ha-yam Na-ma-ha

From there, we’ll take the consciousness within and experience the five layers of existence through the Pancha Kosha Meditation. Those 5 layers are as follows:

  • Annamaya Kosha or the food sheath

  • Pranamaya Kosha or the breath sheath

  • Manomaya Kosha or the mind sheath

  • Vijnyanmaya Kosha or the intellect sheath

  • Anandamaya Kosha or the bliss sheath

We’ll be sharing more than above during our next Mantra Mondays, so be sure to join in.

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