Vastu Creations

De-cluttering the Body, Mind, and Physical Space

Spring is on the horizon, and for many of us, it is more anticipated than ever!

Not only did we experience a pandemic this winter but on top of that, many have been facing grueling low temperatures and a snow-covered earth. Therefore, our chilled bones and homes embrace warmer temperatures with open arms.

Here at Vastu Creations, we’re prepared to help you make the most of this beautiful season, by helping you de-clutter your homes in an effort to create space for more peace, ease, and welcome in Spring with a sense of newness.

Seeing each season as a new and fresh start is a way to energize our bodies and minds throughout the year, providing a little motivation to continue to be our best selves. That being said, Spring is one of the best seasons to renew, as it is the season where life reappears within nature, transmuting that spark of energy within us all.

In order to openly receive this energy as it approaches, it’s time to take steps towards cultivating a space free of clutter and distractions. This will be our first step in a month of creating sacred space within our home and workspace.

As practitioners of Vastu, Michael and I view your physical environment as the “body of your body”. When you shift your mindset from seeing your surroundings as just a home or an office, to a living organism that has an influence on your health, success, relationships, and well-being, it will transform the way you see the world in a way that is somewhat foreign to most people. The truth is, everything is energy…everything, even the most solid appearing physical or man-made objects. And, everything, when seen under a microscope, contains within it more space than solid. We influence our surroundings, our “space”, with our thoughts and actions and our surroundings respond and influence us in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Throughout the month of March, we will be discussing several ways that you can honor the body of your body. Here is a preview of what you can expect each week in our blogs and Mantra Mondays!

Creating Sacred Space at Home for Spring ~ weekly schedule:

1) Clearing the clutter

2) Balancing the elemental energy

3) Set up your workspace for success

4) Space clearing ceremony

5) Enlivening the support of Nature to support your health, happiness, and well-being

I’d like to leave you with a mantra you can use daily that honors and enlivens the consciousness of your physical space. In ancient Vedic texts, the Vastu Purusha is considered the soul of the home. This energy resides within all built structures. I see the Vastu Purusha as an ally, an unseen force that can support us if we acknowledge its existence. As with most unseen forces in our lives, we must trust it to be so before we have a sense of its support. Therefore, we come to this practice of honoring the existence of the Vastu Purusha with humility, honoring the divine forces that provide us with assistance, and a willingness to receive from that which exists in the realm of spirit.

Here’s how to use it: Chant this mantra three times every morning upon arising and whenever you want the support of Nature.

Mantra: Om Vastupurushaya Namaha Phonetic pronunciation: Om Va-stu-poo-ru-shai-ya Na-ma-ha

Living a clutter-free life filled with more harmony and less stress is a passion of ours that we enjoy sharing with others. We can’t wait to share this knowledge with you, guiding you towards a road of simplicity. As we simplify our lives, there is space for what is more in alignment with the desires of the heart to manifest.

We’ll see you this upcoming Monday, March 1st during our Mantra Mondays, live on Instagram and Facebook at 11 am PST (West Coast US Pacific Time).

If you missed our Full Moon Activation Ceremony yesterday, here is the replay of the event! It was a beautiful event where we shared the Vedic astrology behind this full moon, activated a community altar for all, chanted, and then opened up the floor for a Q&A where we were able to connect and advise our community. We are truly thankful for the experience and for all of your questions.

Until Monday, continue to spread that radiant light that resides within you!