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If you would like to continue to provide your online community with recommendations for new products and services that will enlighten and inspire their lives toward greater love, joy, success, and prosperity then our affiliate program may be right for you. As a fellow visionary, whenever YOUR users shops at any one of our websites, we’ll pay you a nice commission.

  • Our products and services are positive and life-transforming FREE to join!
  • We’re reliable, honest, and fair
  • Commission is 20% of EACH purchase!
  • Commissions are paid once per month when your account exceeds $50
  • Cookie based, which means if your referrals don’t actually purchase when they click through, you’ll still get their sale’s commission if/when they come back, even when subsequent visits are not through your link!
  • Real-time statistics and reporting available to affiliates. You’ll receive a log-in and password to access your account.

Criteria ~ Who our Our Affiliates Are…

  • Companies who are thoughtful and considerate of their users needs.
  • Inspiring and motivational leaders and thinkers with websites, blogs, and/or newsletters
  • Organizations, companies and businesses who follow ethical business practices and are non-spammers.


 Commission Type  Pay-Per-Sale 20% for each sale you deliver.
 Payout Requirements  $50.00 USD – Minimum balance required for payout.
 Payout Duration  Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.


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