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Individual clients seek the services of Michael & Robin Mastro and Vastu Creations for a variety of reasons including:

  • a desire to improve their income
  • a longing for more harmony in the family
  • a yearning for more peace of mind
  • concerns over having more expenses than is comfortable
  • frustrations over career growth
Additionally, none of these things matter if you or your loved ones are experiencing health issues.
Vastu Creations identifies and eliminates the environmental stress that fuels the challenges you are experiencing 
 In nature, there is balance, peace and harmony. You feel the serenity of nature when you walk in a forest, or by the ocean or a stream. The five elements there are bountiful, alive and support you. Your home or workspace is made of the same five elements as everything in nature that is seen and unseen. When a home or office is constructed without considering the influences of these five elements, it will create stress within the environment. When one or more of the five elements is out of balance in your living or working environment you feel the impact because you, too, are made of these same five elements. Over time, this impact on your life shows up as a variety of complaints like those mentioned above. The specific complaint —such has issues with health, relationships, career, etc.— depends on where the imbalance is found within the home or workplace environment and the severity of the disturbance. The services provided by Vastu Creations bring your home and/or workspace into a state of ease and balance. When the physical environment is in balance you experience it as a reduction of stress and a feeling of more balance and harmony within your physical body and your mind.
Vastu Creations provides a variety of services to support your success in life.
Let Vastu Creations bring balance and peace into your life, home and/or workspace today.
Onsite Vastu for Home & Office
Online Vastu for Home & Office
Design or Remodel for Home & Office
Home, Lot, or Office Selection

Onsite Vastu for Home & Office

If you are experiencing financial concerns, health issues, friction in your personal relationships, or career frustrations, there is no question you have environmental stress in your home and/or office. These symptoms are caused by geopathic stress and the lack of balance within the five elements. Without this balance, you literally struggle against the stream of support that is naturally there to help you thrive and prosper. Vastu Creations provides practical onsite solutions and tools that effectively and efficiently eliminate this imbalance. Once your home or workplace is in balance, you will feel more productive, experience more success in your relationships, feel more prosperous in your career, have a more resilient immune system and experience the positive support of Nature.

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We simply cannot find the words to express the gratitude and the love and peace we feel. You have a very unique talent for shifting energy and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We can already say that we are experiencing a sense of calm everywhere.


Ever since you made the corrections, I feel completely comfortable in my home. I am more focused and happier, and I'm not afraid to go into the garage when I had to grab something. I use to be so nervous in that garage, and never knew why. The home feels


Since your last visit, two good things happened. My older son got a job at Honeywell in Redmond, WA and my younger son got accepted into the Master’s program at Harvard. I give credit to you for you good work. Thank you,


Ramu thinks Vastu is doing the wonders! So much support pouring in from so many people! It has been amazing! Thank you for enriching our lives.


Thank you so much for coming to correct the Vastu of our office and home. We felt the change after you made the corrections. I feel a sense of stability that has been missing since last year after we moved. So, I am very grateful that you came to Colorado...Thanks again


Online Vastu for Home & Office

If you are needing our immediate attention, or do not live near or in areas on our tour schedule, you can experience the same benefits of our unique and effective tools and remedies wherever you live or work in the world. With over 40 years of expertise in the field of Vastu, we offer you practical solutions that bring you balance, support and eliminate the environmental stress blocking your success and productivity. Vastu Creations works with you utilizing the same time-proven, solution-oriented services and tools that identify and eliminate the environmental stress that is preventing you experiencing improved productivity, happier relationships, better health and more success in your life.

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For Online Vastu for Office, or for any questions regarding our online services, please contact Michael directly at 206-661-1117 for more information 
So the good news I wanted to share with you is, my husband got a job in Germany and I will finally be soon join him. So that big phase of us being separated because of work will now be over. And this all has been possible because of the


We have noticed more harmony and peace since doing the Vastu corrections. The atmosphere around the home has also changed. I am not able to describe it, but it is very subtle. It is like a feeling of bountifulness, grace and divinity.


One of the main reason for doing the online Vastu for my home is that our finances used to just drain completely month after month. Whatever was coming in was going out. That has begun to stop. I attribute it to the Vastu changes that, with your wonderful instructions, I


I have some good news! After doing the Vastu per your written report, a key person in senior management recognized my work. Plus, so many other wonderful things are happening for my family. My mind is much more at peace. I know that things will go up and down, but


Design Or Remodel for Home & Office

If you are looking to optimize the balance, harmony and positive energy that is accessible to you at any phase of the design or remodel process, contact Vastu Creations. Utilizing the science of harmonious living, Vastu supports your success in all areas of life. Many people who have not engaged our services before or during the design process find themselves struggling after moving into their “dream home or office” after a remodeling project. Design or remodel for functionality and/or aesthetics alone is not enough to ensure your environment supports all of your endeavors. Vastu Creations provides:
  • Individualized schematic building and environmental (green) design based on our clients’ astrological influences
  • Interaction with your local architect to create construction drawings
  • Advice on environmentally friendly building materials
  • Suggestions about interior design, including colors and furniture placement
  • Recommendations for landscape design and plantings that are aesthetically pleasing, energetically balanced and sustainable
  • Assessment and placement of altars to enhance the environment and create intentional Sacred Space
Contact Michael today at 206-661-1117 for more information
Since Michael of Vastu Creations helped with the design improvements for our new office  we have experienced better relationships between staff and and more energy and productivity overall. Our bottom line has also improved. We continue to wonder how the design could have made such a significant difference, but it


Since the remodel of our home, we are expecting a baby! Money is good and we are really happy. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


We are thrilled with the energy in our newly remodeled Vastu house! Our home seems more open, spacious and light in a very profound way and our relationship has improved on many levels, too.


We definitely feel blessed to have the Vastu improvement for our remodel done to our house. Ashok's health has been better and other aspects like relationships, finances, career, and our overall productivity have also improved. Your patience and guidance are deeply appreciated. V.S. - Bellevue, WA Since the Vastu design and remodel


Home, Lot, or Office Selection

Choosing the right home for you and your family, the best lot to build on, or an office that fits the needs of your business can be stressful. As a client of Vastu Creations we support you in making the right choice to prevent unnecessary stress and hardship that can be caused when making the wrong decision. Here is what we offer:
  • support from us to make sure your selection is the most favorable site for your home or office
  • assistance in choosing the perfect pre-existing home or office,
  • choosing the best architectural plan in a new housing development or office building/park so you, your family or company experience the optimum support from Nature.

Contact Michael today at 206-661-1117 for more information and to get started

What a godsend! I can honestly say I do feel more harmony in the house you felt would be the best choice for us, according to the principles of Vastu.


Your help finding the perfect site to build our home has helped us in every sense of the word. Since moving in, my husband got the job change he was looking for and our spiritual growth has been tremendous. We would like to thank you from bottom of our hearts.


We cannot thank you enough.  Since your help with our office selection our feeling at work of general well-being has improved.  We have become more positive in our outlook and feel that the low grade stress at work has disappeared.


Thank you for helping me find a great apartment with good Vastu. It has made such a difference in my health since I am sleeping better with less stress all around.


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